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Educação, Escola & Sociedade

Name/Title: Educação, Escola & Sociedade
Type: monotematico
Software: OJS
Name of the institution: Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros
Editor/Manager: Claudia Machado
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Format paper: nao
Description: Educação, Escola & Sociedade, eISSN 2594-4002, is a journal edited Graduate Program in Education (PPGE) of Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros (Unimontes). Its aim is to contribute to reflection and to promote knowledge sharing about the area of Education and its epistemological, philosophical, didactic, methodological and conceptual aspects. It also has the objective of disseminating processes and results of research as well as experiences related to pedagogical practices focused on analyzing theorization in the field of Education and its interface with other areas of knowledge. The project prioritizes scientific articles on Education that have never been published in Brazil and articles that engage a conversation between this area and other correlated areas. We accept articles that present results of empirical or theoretical research and critical, systematic and integrative reviews of scientific and academic papers on Education. Texts can be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Moreover, the journal publishes reviews, interviews and dossiers focused on reviewing specific areas and/or analyzing emerging issues about educational research.
Area of knowledge: Educação
Keywords: Educação
Language: pt
Starting date of activity: 2008-01-01
EISSN: 2594-4002
Number of articles/records: 200
Policies implemented: Educação, Escola & Sociedade publishes unpublished papers in Portuguese, English or Spanish that discuss and present answers to educational phenomena related to Education. Texts in English may be translated into Portuguese and published in the same issue. We only accept material produced by professors/researchers and which contain results of research in master's and doctoral levels. Submissions of papers are continuous, no processing fee, and publication is free. The LOCKSS and CLOKSS system is used to ensure safe and permanent archiving of the EE&S cache.
Country: Brasil
District: Viana do Castelo
Address: Avenida Ruy Braga, s/n, Prédio 2, Sala 23 CEP: 39401-089 – Montes Claros / MG
Implementations made: From volume 12, in 2019, Educação, Escola & Sociedade adopts the rolling pass system. The manuscripts are published after their approval and layout. The Expedient, containing Summary and Editorial, is published at the close of the volume.
Additional information or comments: EE&S uses CopySpider as a plagiarism detector program, aiming to test content under the sieve of the existence of undue copies. A document has undue copies when it adapts or transcribes excerpts from other documents without presenting citations of bibliographic references.